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Honolulu Screensavers

Honolulu Harbor Screensaver
Fun in the sun on the Big Island of Hawaii! Planes, sailboats, hot air balloons, surfers, mermaids, Hawaiian dancers, animals, tiki torches, swaying palm trees, and lots of sea creatures in this wonderful haven to happy Hawaiian music called Hawaiian Rol
(3403 Kb)

Honolulu Silhouette Screensaver
A sea turtle with a beautiful beach scene inside is featured in this unique saver. Saver has water effects and nature sounds. The artwork of Edgardo F. Garcia.

Honolulu Winamp Skins

Honolulu Harbor Winamp Skin
A WinAmp 3 skin that accompanies both my desktop theme and screensaver by the same name.
(305 Kb)

Honolulu Desktop Themes

Honolulu Bay Desktop Theme
A beautiful shot of a sailboat on Honolulu Bay...wish I was there!

Honolulu Harbor Desktop Theme
Fun in the sun on the Big Island of Hawaii! This detailed painting by Alexander Chen has it all Grand hotels along a beautiful beach, planes, helicopters, sailboats and wind surfers, palm trees, and sea life of all kinds. Hawaiian and nautical icons; anim
(1654 Kb)

Honolulu Hotbars

Honolulu Harbor Hotbar
A Hotbar skin that accompanies both my desktop theme and screensaver by the same name.

Rolling Stones Wallpaper

Madonna Screen Saver

Halle Berry wallpaper

Winnie the Pooh Christmas Screensaver

Americas Parks And Scriptures Screensaver

Aztar Wallpaper

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Tigger Screensaver

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Ashanti Wallpaper

Calming The Sea Windows Logo

Native American PowWow Screensaver

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Jennifer Lopez Rebirth Screensaver